My Top Ten (ish) from 2013

The actual Movie Fiend kindly asked me to repost this. My top ten movies i saw that came out in the theaters last year (some were out in the film festival circuits in 2012, but i didn’t get to catch it until they made it to Landmark Theaters), in no particular order:

(Big fan of the director & Wasikowska. Kidman is deeply respectable actress for taking on projects like this. Park Chan Wook is an artist: as cleanly and purely as he can, he tries to look at his subjects on their own terms. In this case, that of a psychopathic killer. With tenderness.)


The Place Beyond the Pines
(This freakin’ thing is of Greek-tragedy proportion. Glad to see more of Dane Dehaan, too. Gosling will be known as one of the greats if he keeps on making choices he’s been making recently.)
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The Grandmaster
(Here’s Wong Kar Wai getting comfortable with his craft.)
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Warm Bodies
(Everyone’s been dreaming about a movie like this. Also Teresa Palmer is NOT Kristen Stewart.)


Before Midnight
(Realist ending to the franchise.)


(Spike Jonze knows too many intimate details of my imaginary girlfriend)
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(this was something new)
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To the Wonder
(Malick Lite. That’s the best of all possible worlds.)
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francis ha
Frances Ha
(the movie Girl Most Likely wishes to be)
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About Time
(what’s with Rachel McAdams & time? also, surprisingly relatable.)
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short term 12
Short Term 12
(quietly powerful. made me think of my friend who does this kind of work)
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The Spectacular Now
(the Wallflower of 2013, but in a different key. gotta watch Shailene Woodley. she’s gonna be something)
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Honorable Mention:
Enough Said
Ender’s Game
Philomena – see The Movie Fiend’s review
The Bling Ring
The Way Way Back
Dead Man Down
The East – see The Movie Fiend’s review
Inside Llewyn Davis – see The Movie Fiend’s review