Review: Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Lawrence, 2013)

Still from the moving Hunger Games: Catching Fire

This movie hardly needs an introduction, nor maybe even a review. Nevertheless.

I surprised myself by liking the first Hunger Games movie, though I confess it caters to a different part of my brain–the same part that liked The Avengers and, one might add, the part I have in common with the rest of humanity. I liked this second film even better than the first, which I enjoyed mostly because it satisfied my longing to a see a female in the typically male role of emotionally disconnected, stoic, fearless, reliable warrior. In that sense, Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen delivers once again.

What makes Catching Fire a more stimulating film than its predecessor, however, is its more complex plot. Leaving Battle Royale territory, the story weaves in larger players and ideas, eschewing mindless action for more complicated, intelligent suspense. Katniss’s partnership with her fellow District 12 teammate Peeta also becomes more interesting, but not so much her other relationships. And if at times she seems a little too perfect and heroic–well, it’s based off a young adult novel, after all.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed Catching Fire and–along with everyone else in the movie-watching world–look forward to the next film in the series.