Looking Ahead: Sundance Announces 2016 “Midnight” Lineup

Still from the movie Yoga Hosers

I’m excited to be able to attend the Sundance Film Festival again this coming January. The Institute has just released the lineup for its Midnight program, which consists of surreal/frightening/creepy/otherworldy films. Because I scare easily and because, frankly, I’m pretty tired by the time midnight rolls around, I haven’t been going to these late screenings the past few festivals, but I will always remember the hilarious Tucker and Dale vs. Evil as one of my all-time favorite films from Sundance. Kevin Smith‘s Yoga Hosers looks like it might be up the same alley (or at least the same sub-genre). The film stars Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn Smith as well as Johnny Depp and his daughter Lily-Rose. If I can summon the energy, that’ll be the one I see.

Check out the rest of this year’s lineup and stay tuned for further announcements as the festival releases more of its 2016 program!