Welcome to our movie review site! Please take a moment to look around. We know there are many movie review sites to choose from; we think you’ll realize that our reviews have a different, more personal flavor. Here at Movie Fiends we focus our attention on films we’re lucky enough to catch at (mostly Bay Area) film festivals, though we throw in a good number of reviews of mainstream movies as well. We’re regular attendees of Sundance, CAAMFest, Silicon Valley Jewish, San Francisco International, and Mill Valley Film Festivals.

Movie Fiends was founded in January of 2014 when our Chief Film Critic returned from her fourth trip to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. In the hopes of keeping her memories of the festival alive, she began blogging about the movies she had watched. The outside interest in her reviews convinced her to dedicate more time to bringing attention to these under-watched films and to share her enthusiasm for independent film and film festivals.


Christine Chen
Chief Film Critic

Christine lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. When she’s not watching movies or writing a review, she’s chasing her dream of becoming a fiction writer. She is also a treehugger who enjoys camping, hiking, traveling, cooking, and reading. In her past life she developed software for a living. (*)