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Review: The Taking of Tiger Mountain (Tsui, 2014) – SFIFF 2015


Disclaimer: I watched this 3D movie in 2D on a small screen, so some of the original effect may have been lost. Chinese action director Tsui Hark‘s The Taking of Tiger Mountain is perhaps… Continue reading

Review: Red Amnesia (Wang, 2014) – SFIFF 2015


Mrs. Deng (Lü Zhong) is a strong-willed woman, what my mother or grandmother would have called a nu qiang ren. She lives by herself (unless you count the portrait of her deceased husband,… Continue reading

Review: The Iron Ministry (Sniadecki, 2014) – SFIFF 2015


I’m no film theorist, historian, or even knowledgeable aficionado, but it seems as though a new type of storytelling is gaining ground in documentary film. Using the camera as roving eye, the filmmaker,… Continue reading

Review: Black Coal, Thin Ice (Diao, 2014) – SFIFF 2015


You know any film that begins with a severed arm traveling down a coal chute is going to be a memorable one. Few directors are bold enough to open with such a morbid image: Diao Yinan is… Continue reading

Review: The Grandmaster (Wong, 2013)


Unlike ilovewongkarwai, my partner here at the blog, I am not even close to one of the world’s biggest Wong Kar Wai fans. As a freshman in college, I enjoyed the whimsy and… Continue reading