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Review: X-Men – Days of Future Past (Singer, 2014)


Whew, sorry for the very long delay. Had a baby just before New Year’s, which slowed me down a bit. * * * I, like most people, enjoy a good comic book movie now… Continue reading

Review: The Counselor (Scott, 2013)


I was intrigued to watch Cormac McCarthy‘s most recent direct-to-screen storytelling venture, The Counselor. Despite (or because of) the violence and darkness that pervades most of his novels, McCarthy’s dialogue-heavy, action-packed novels consistently get… Continue reading

Reactions: 2014 Oscars


The morning following the Oscars (or any awards show, for that matter) I always remember what a letdown the whole production is. In the end, it’s just a long drawn-out process to tell… Continue reading

Review: Frank (Abrahamson, 2013) – Sundance 2014


Because Frank has received a surprising amount of positive press, I’m beginning to feel that my opinion of this movie is completely out of step with what most people think. Therefore, I’m going to… Continue reading