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Review: The Kids (Yu, 2015) – CAAMFest 2016


As a new parent, I often wonder what it would have been like to have had my first baby at a younger age, when I was more energetic and my body more resilient.… Continue reading

Review: Partners in Crime (Chang, 2014) – CAAMFest 2015


I have a soft spot for films from Taiwan that goes beyond simple nostalgia. Perhaps it is their familiar sensibility or world view; perhaps it is just a desire to recognize. It was… Continue reading

Review: 27°C Loaf Rocks (Lin, 2013) – CAAMFest San Jose 2014


Whoever translated the title for this movie seems to have only a passing acquaintance with the English language and/or Western culture. The “27°C” refers to the perfect temperature for yeast fermentation when baking bread.… Continue reading